co Five Reasons To Publish Killer Content |

You need killer content to survive! I bet you have read that a hundred times. What exactly is killer content? If you can create content that catches the attention of the masses to the point that it is shared, then you’ve produced killer content. That content could text based, videos, images, or the latest fad, an infographic. So why publish killer content? Here are five reasons to consider:

  1. Social – killer content will be shared and in so doing, will help to build the number of people following you.
  2. Branding – the more often your content is viewed, the more it exposes your brand.
  3. Sales – the more visitors you receive to your website, the greater the opportunity to build sales.
  4. SEO – killer content gets shared, and the more often it is shared, the more inbound links you are likely to receive.
  5. Trust – when your content is shared, it’s similar to a recommendation. This can help to build your reputation and that all important trust factor.

You don’t need to publish killer content everyday. Timing is important – as one piece of killer content starts to wane in popularity, that’s when you publish the next piece. This keeps your business and your brand in front of people’s eyes. It also has people talking about you for an extended period of time.

Creating killer content isn’t always easy and it should be created as part of your overall online marketing plan. If you have the marketing dollars, you can always outsource your contents creation. Most businesses outsource video productions, and it makes sense to do the same if you have an idea for an infographic. There’s no reason why you can’t have text based content outsourced as well if you don’t feel confident in your own writing skills. Produce that killer content and you business will reap huge rewards.