co Do You Still Doubt Social Media's Ability To Affect SEO? |

WebProNews has published an infographic (created by TastyPlacement) that clearly demonstrated the effect that social media marketing has on a websites Google search results placement. The data range is quite narrow, especially when compared to some of the big businesses on the web, and test sites used were from one narrow niche. I am sure you would get a wide range of results depending on the competition in any particular niche, however, the data for this test case was sufficient to draw some conclusions.

What is interesting, although not surprising, is that Google’s own social media tools clearly delivered significant gains. The results of the tests included (percentage change in brackets):

Gaining 100 followers to a Google Plus Page  (+14.6%)

300 Google plus one votes  (+9.44%)

70 Facebook shares  (+6.9%)

Tweets and Retweets  (+2.88%)

Twitter Followers  (-2.33)

The two Google influences account for up to 25% of any effects whilst Twitter hardly registered a blip. Facebook shares had far less effect than Google plus one votes, however, the numbers used could have had a significant effect. I would have liked to have see a more even spread of data, for example, 100 Facebook shares compared to 100 Plus one’s – the data spread doesn’t make for a realistic comparison.

All that aside, what is important to note is that search results were affected by social media engagement. If you are a small business owner, then creating a Google+ business page is not going to be a waste of time. The same appears to be true with a Facebook business page. Whilst Twitter is good for getting short messages out, it doesn’t seem to have a significant impact on search results. Do you still doubt social media ability to give your business a boost?