co Are You Too Focused On One Social Media Platform? |

Social media is everywhere and it can often be a little daunting when for a small business owner about to engage in a social media marketing campaign. All to often a business will focus on one or two social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter since they receive the most mentions. There are hundreds of reliable social media platforms available to small businesses and whilst you can’t cover them all, you do need to consider a balanced approach. What you shouldn’t be doing is focusing all of your attention on the one platform.

Before even engaging on a social media marketing campaign, you should first identify where your potential customers are. Facebook, despite the hype, is not necessarily right for every business. If you are looking to target senior citizens for example, you may find that your marketing approach is still through traditional channels like television and print media. If you are trying to target young music fans, then Myspace may be a better option.

Don’t simply look at the traditional big named social media platforms either. Forums are one of the most underused areas – look for the best forums related to your niche and have a look around, you’ll be surprised with how busy they can be. At the very least you gain an insight into what people are talking about, and that’s a great source of fodder for your blog (if you have one). It’s also worth looking at some of the popular blogs in your niche. Those blog owners often welcome well written guest posts, and this can significantly increase your exposure.

Other social media platforms that are worth looking at include Tumblr and Pinterest whilst YouTube is a must if you create videos. Don’t focus too heavily on one social media platform, at the same time, don’t spread yourself too thinly. Get the balance right and you’ll find that your exposure to potential customers is positive, and the number of visitors coming to your site will increase.