co Why Most Businesses Fail At Social Media Marketing |

Back in the good old days, before the Internet came into existence, every business had a bricks and mortar presence somewhere. Marketing was hard work, and it didn’t always come cheap either. It has taken a long time, but those same bricks and mortar businesses are now turning to the Internet to market their goods and services. They look at social media like Facebook and Twitter and think wow – I can promote my business as much as I want, it’s as easy as pressing a few keys.

Those same businesses are now looking at the end results with dismay. Their social media marketing campaigns have failed miserably and they are at a loss to understand why. The answer is somewhat simplistic – these businesses are not engaging consumers. It’s a total waste of time building a list of 1000 followers on Twitter, if few of them are potential consumers.

One of the main attractions with social media is the perception that this a free marketing channel. It is free, however, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Those who are most successful in their social media marketing endeavors are those who are prepared to invest in their marketing, just as they did before switching to the Internet. We’re not talking big dollars and some businesses have found that quality time has been the best investment.

Like all marketing, you need to stand out from the crowd. That could be through specific promotions, promoting a unique selling point, or having the best product and service that has everyone talking about you. Social media marketing is definitely not about simply publishing content – unless of course it’s outstanding content. There’s a lot of content being published and you’ll simply be lost in the noise. Engage potential customers, and social media will work for almost every business. Like offline marketing from years ago, sometimes it requires the services of a social media marketing professional to identify and then promote your business to best effect.