co Is Your Website Too Focused On Selling? |

The concept of being in business is to sell – that could be a product, a service, or perhaps even a concept. This may sound a little strange – are you too focused on selling? I know that is why you are in business, however, if you focus too strongly on selling, you may be missing other opportunities. Generally speaking, traffic from search engines convert at between 2% and 10% depending on your product/service. There are also seasonal factors that could influence that conversion rate, even so, if you take the industry standard of 5% (converting into sales), what are you doing with the other 95% of visitors?

That 95% arrived on your site from a search engine for a reason. It may be curiosity, it may be because they are researching products/services prior to making a final decision, and any one of a dozen other reasons. However, something about your listing in the search results convinced them to visit, so there must be an inkling of interest. The question you should be constantly asking yourself is how to make use of that traffic.

When it comes to non-coverting traffic, the opportunities are endless. Newsletter subscriptions, social media connections, and social media sharing are just three of those options. An increasing tactic is to pop-up a short survey when exiting a website. Pop-ups do annoy some people, however, you will be surprised how many people stop to answer a question or three, and you’ll be equally surprised with the results that these surveys deliver, including newsletter subscriptions.

Your website should be focused on your number one goal, and that is converting traffic into sales. With some careful thought, you may be able to convert 5%-10% of that lost traffic into alternative areas which, over time, could help to increase your sales – and isn’t that why you’re in business?