co Are You Leaving The Blog Scene For Facebook? Don't! |

I really feel like shouting the DON’T in that headline. Anyhow, I have it out of my system now. Current research is showing that corporate blogging is on the wane with businesses preferring the short sharp and punchy content they can throw at both Facebook and Twitter. They are fine, for the first ten minutes anyway, then they are lost in the thousand and one other posts that appearing. They may grab people’s attention for a moment, but that’s it – there’s no long term gain. That’s where a blog has it’s corporate power for businesses of all sizes. The short sharp punchy pieces you post on social media will grab the attention, and if linked to a blog, the blog will hold and maintain that attention.

Maintaining a blog is only as hard as you make it. Sure, the more often you post, the better, however, don’t believe everything that written. Ideally, you’ll write content that is engaging, informative, and ultimately draws your visitors into becoming customers. That doesn’t mean you can’t publish short sharp punchy content. In fact, a good mix is ideal. Do you need to publish daily? It depends on your niche and your motives behind a blog. Ideally, you would publish daily, however, if you can only manage two or three times a week, that’s not a big problem.

It’s your blog. It represents your business. How you want to manage it is up to you. What is important is that you have a plan and you know where you are going with your blog. It’s main aim is to support your main business pages, and to support your social media marketing. Along the way, it will also help with your search marketing campaigns.

While it may be tempting to dump the corporate blog in favor social media, don’t. They are both important, and generally work in tandem to promote your business. And just think, if corporate blogging is waning at present, that means there is less competition to deal with – a bonus already.  As a footnote, you don’t have to do it all yourself either. There are professionals who will manage your blog, content and all, for far less than you think. Certainly less than the cost of your time to maintain a blog, and you get a professional approach to your blogging.