co Never Underestimate The Value Of A Good Editor |

Reputation is becoming one of the most important factors in the success of any online business. For commercial entities, reputation is gained and lost in a number of areas. One of the most obvious is through consumer reviews. Whilst maybe not as important, the quality of your content in terms of good grammar, spelling, and layout can have an impact on your reputation – and that impact is often immediate.

I know from personal experience, if I am visiting a website for the first time, and I see a host of spelling mistakes, it immediately raises concerns as to the good standing of the business behind that website. With the number of commercial entities online growing rapidly on a daily basis, losing potential customers because of poor spelling, incorrect product descriptions, or just poor grammar is going to be costly. If an individual has found your website, you want to keep them online for as long as possible. In most cases, editing that content can help to stem the loss of potential customers.

This is where a good editor comes in handy. Having an editor review your content prior to publication is must in today’s online world. That editor doesn’t need to be a college professor – anyone who has a reasonable knowledge of the English language (if your content is in English) can edit your content. You can do it yourself, however, you would be surprised at how difficult that often is. You can read the same misspelled word a dozen times and your brain will miss the incorrect spelling.

If you do want to edit your content yourself, put it aside for at least a day. After 24 hours, that content is no longer fresh in your mind, so it will be easier to edit. You will often find that you have a different perspective as well. A word of advice, unless the content is wrong, or doesn’t read well, don’t be tempted to rewrite it. Just edit for spelling and grammatical errors, ensure it is well laid out, then publish. An  independent set of eyes often produces better results since they are not editing for content, they are editing the content – and there is a big difference.

Product description are another area that concern many consumers. Try to avoid a simple cut and paste of another products description. Your product descriptions should be unique (to avoid search quality factors) and attractive to visitors. Having the same description with minor changes becomes boring for consumers, and a big turn-off. Even bigger is the failed edit where you have copied the description of another product, and not made any editorial changes – selling a small green widget with a product description for a large red widget is not going to build any confidence with consumers. It will certainly have a negative effect on your reputation. Reputations are hard to build and maintain – a good editor will at least ensure your content doesn’t undermine that good reputation.