co Using Facebook's Inbuilt Tools To Increase Your Reach |

When it comes to communicating regularly with customers, and potential customers, Facebook stands clearly above most other social media sites. While there is  a lot of truth in the ‘horses for courses’ theory, Facebook does have social media’s biggest reach. Youtube runs a close second, however, visitors to Youtube are looking for videos – visitors to Facebook want to either communicate with the world, or play games. For most people, it’s both.

One of the keys to using Facebook effectively is  by gaining visitors who are going to ‘like’ you. The more the merrier since you can start to target many of them indirectly. To increase your reach, you need to look at what motivates people to hit that ‘like’ button. There are a lot of companies that have gone out of their way to virtually buy ‘likes’ – that is, they offer special discounts, prizes, or have giveaways in exchange for gifts.

Facebook has tools that you can use to extend your reach. One of those tools is the Interests List. It’s hidden away in the new version of Facebook, for some reason, under the Messages tab that’s located just below your main image.  Your Interests List is similar to an RSS feed as it takes stories related to your topic and publishes them to your wall. As you add a topic, you’ll be given the chance to invite others who maybe interested in the that topic.

This will start to widen your reach, especially if they decide to share your content with others in your network. Facebook has a range of tools available to business owners who decide to create business pages. If your business handles group deals well, you can promote these through Facebook. Use these tools well and you can continue to grow the number of people who ‘like’ your pages, and who are potential customers.