co Facebook Your Latest Coupon Distribution Point |

Do you offer products or services that lend themselves to coupon offers? If so, and you have a reasonable following on Facebook, then you may be able to make use to Facebook’s latest service to businesses.  Facebook Offers now allow all businesses the option to place special offers in the feeds of customers who have previously “Liked” them. Offers are, essentially, coupons under another name. Those who receive the offers can print them out and use them like they would a normal coupon.

This is not a new option from Facebook. This option has been available to businesses that had Facebook managed advertising for quite some time. In fact, Facebook is becoming quite aggressive in the number of features it is offering businesses, taking the site well passed the purely social nature of its origins.

Facebook have been fairly clever in their promotion of this feature, targeting it as much to consumers as to businesses. The general thrust when it comes to consumers is – the more businesses you “like”, the more offers you are likely to receive. For businesses, the more reasons you give for customers to “like” you, the broader the exposure for any offers you wish to make.

If your business model does lend itself to coupon type deals, then Facebook is going to be a huge social media marketing resource. Once you start releasing ‘offers’, you’ll most likely find that the number of people ‘liking’ your pages will steadily grow, especially if those offers represent good value. You can learn more about Facebook Offers through Facebook’s Youtube video on the subject.