co New Product SEO - Are Your SEO Efforts Being Wasted? |

There is an interesting post on Search Engine Watch related to the timing of your SEO efforts and season peaks. The post goes into some detail on how to do predictive SEO when a product is in the rumor and pre-launch stage.  The example used was for the release of a new mobile phone. We do know that this product only has a short attention span with buyers since rivals will introduce their new phones, and the current ‘new’ phone will soon be replaced by another ‘new’ model.

Mobile phones are not the only products to fit these categories. Every product has a life cycle when it comes to catching the attention of the public. The cycle can range from days to years of course, and as a business owner, your role is to predict that life cycle and to position your business to take advantage of those cycles.

SEO is no different. We know thank links can take weeks or months to bare fruit so link building should take place as early as possible. If you can plot a products life cycle on a graph, you can also plot your SEO efforts over the top. Link building at a products life cycle peak is most likely a waste of you SEO efforts – the product will be waning when the links start to take effect. You may gain some benefits if you can rekindle interest in the product, if not, your SEO efforts should be targeting the next product.

In many cases, your SEO activities start pre-product release and end before a product peaks. This makes the best use of your SEO resources to ensure your pages peak in search results when consumer interest also peaks. That, of course, is when your business has the best chance of creating sales. Predictive SEO can be hit and miss – you can put a lot of work into your SEO efforts pre-product release only to find the product fizzles. But the, that’s business anyway, isn’t it.