co Using Video Marketing To Boost SEO |

Is video marketing a useful SEO tool? Given the emphasis on social media in search algorithms, the answer has to be a big yes. Put together a video that can viral, and you’ll drive that video to top of the search results, and most likely get a mention in the trending topics listed in the search engines. One video currently doing the rounds proves this point well – more on that shortly.

There has long been a belief that videos need to promote your brand, and products if product orientated. The problem with heavily branded videos is the turn-off factor. For a video to do well in social media, it needs to be shareable, and heavily branded videos aren’t really shareable.  Strategic branding is the vital factor now. Check out this video, and you’ll have to watch until the end to get the punch line.

Now that is what I call strategic branding – and most viewers will be left with that brand well and truly implanted in their memory. It’s also a great way to utilize an offline marketing event for online purposes. You don’t have to go to the extent they went to in that video, however, if you can put together a decent video, don’t overbrand it if you are looking to gain social media traction. Instead, think of the SEO value to your videos. They too can be optimized with titles, tags and file names.

In the mean time, watch that video and consider its marketing potential.