co Does Your Website Label You A Jack Of All Trades - And Master Of None? |

Does your website promote every service that you offer? It may seem like a good idea, yet that very concept could be harming your business. Peter Lawlor has an article on Copyblogger that discusses this issue, and much of what he says makes sense. If you do cover a wide area in your niche, it can be hard to adequately cover them all properly on webpage. I know many would argue that a website can cover a virtually infinite number of business areas, and they are right, a website can, however, a single page cannot.

Your front page is the dress window of your business. If you provide a service across a dozen or more areas, can your front page effectively promote them all without looking overcrowded. Worse yet, does it make it look like your a desperate trying to cover that large range – in effect, a jack of all trades and master of none?

I wrote last week about having a single website to cover your entire business, and this article by Peter Lawlor does follow up nicely on that topic. There’s a fine balance that needs to be found when running a broad based business. You don’t necessarily need a dozen websites to cover your business, in fact, a single site for just one area of your business could have the opposite effect, make you look too narrow.

What is needed is a careful balance that gives you a professional edge. You can link sites in a number of ways – a blog can make a good tool for pooled resources. There’s also no harm in bridging some areas of your business over two websites. For many, the website is their business. What that front page says to a potential customer will determine whether or not they stay and do business with you. If that front page doesn’t exude confidence and ability, then you’re going to lose custom, and that’s the danger you face if you try to sell to much of yourself on that one page. Sometimes, small business internet marketing starts with the decisions you make about your website structure.