co SEO Starts And Ends With Great Content |

When it comes to SEO for small business, it all starts with a good content. I’ll go further and suggest great content. Do you need ‘killer’ content? Some would argue yes, however, try coming up with ‘killer’ content everyday and you’ll most likely burn out within the week. Good content is your first aim, great content is your eventual aim, and if you can find that ‘killer’ content to throw in occasionally, so much the better.

So why the emphasis on great content? It’s very simple – search engines are looking for just that. Internet users are looking for information and answers. In general, they are not really looking at whether or not your content is good or great – they just want that information, or the answer to their questions. When writing content, the emphasis has often been on two audiences – Internet users and the search engines. There is a third group, and this is the group who will look at whether or not your content is good, great or ‘killer’. That group is made of your peers and those who have websites related to yours.

This is the group that will, initially,’vote’ your site up by linking and using social bookmarking tools. Customers are there to spend money. If you can get them to leave a review, or mention your site through social media, that’s great. However, the hard honest truth is that many shoppers forget you until they need that product, or something similar, again. Think of your own online shopping site. Do you use social media to bookmark them and recommend them to friends, or are your favourite site bookmarked in your browser?

When writing online content, SEO is important, however, it isn’t your customers that you need to win over, it’s your peers. Get them onside and ‘voting’ for your content, and you’ve achieved a major SEO goal. SEO does start with your content, your keywords, and the way you present that content. Consumers will read it – if it provides what they are looking for. Will they vote for it? Most consumers don’t even have a website or blog, so how can they provide those necessary inbound links?