co So You Think You're Too Busy To Maintain A Blog |

If you have a website, then you need a blog. There’s no question in today’s competitive online world. If nothing else, writing regular content your blog will continually remind the search engines you exist, and they are constantly searching for new, up-to-date and relevant content. Blogs help websites rank in search results, and ultimately that has to be your goal.

There are two arguments against blogs that we hear regularly. The first is time, with “I don’t have time to maintain a blog” the first and “I don’t know how to manage a blog” the second. They are valid arguments, however, I would argue that time is something that you need to learn to manage, and that writing to a blog only takes 30-40 minutes, two or three times a week to begin with. When it comes to managing a blog, software such as WordPress is almost self managing, and there are thousands of websites dedicated to helping people manage their WordPress blog.

You can also engage a professional blog consultant. They can manage your blog, keeping the software up-to-date, and creating content – all you need do is provide the direction, and perhaps content ideas. These ideas are already there in your business. Questions asked by customers, product or service news and general industry related matters are a good starting point. This is where you should be basing your content if you intend writing yourself.

Blogs have become a standard business tool for creating interest, generating traffic, and connecting social media activities with your business. If you think you’re too busy to maintain a blog, then hire a small business marketing professional to do it for you. Otherwise, take that 30-40 minutes two or three times a week and write content based around your business. You’ll be surprised at easy it becomes after a month or two, and once you start to receive comments, how enjoyable it can also become. I know some business owners that use their blog as a break from their daily business grind – it can be quite cathartic to review your business through your own blog – try it sometime!