co SEO For Small Business - Are You Getting The Most Out Of Old Links? |

If you have been online for several years, you will probably have quite a lot of content published on website. This will certainly be true if you have a blog.  Have you ever deleted anything from your site – old web pages, old blog posts? They may never have received much in the way of traffic, yet they may still carry inbound links. A link to a 401 page (page not found error) is not a good look, especially when you can redirect links to those old pages to other pages on your site.

And it’s not just inbound links either. You may well have broken internal links – pages that still link to those deleted pages, and pages with links to websites that no longer exist. Sometimes, to take your SEO for small business forward, you have to look back at that old content and do a little housekeeping. It can be boring and tedious work, however, there are several tools available that can take some of the drudgery out of the task. For blogs run on WordPress, you can install a plugin that will check for broken links. Majestic SEO is notorious for returning a lot of dead links in its data. When you’re looking for dead links, that becomes a positive.

Once you find dead links, either inbound, internally, or leaving your site, you need to clean them up. Inbound links are easily rectified – just create 301 permanent redirects to a web page of your choice. For internal links, edit them to the most up-to-date content on the same topic. When it comes to links leaving your site, either delete them, or modify them to link to content that is still current.

If you have put a lot of work into building links, then you need to treat those links as assets to the business. Manage them well and they’ll help your  website. Let them go out of control, and they may just be harming your website. Are you getting the most out of your old links?