co How Offline Marketing Techniques Can Radically Effect Your Online Business |

Having an online business, or a bricks and mortar business with an online presence, doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing. Most of the offline marketing techniques used still hold true to an online business. Segmenting your market, promoting in places where your potential customers hangout are just two good examples.

I recently read a report that suggested businesses could increase their sales by using one single technique – removing the dollar sign. There does appear to be a big difference in consumer habits when it comes to prices. How do you respond to $7 compared to 7 dollars compared just 7.00? It seems sales went up when businesses removed that dollar reference.

This is nothing new. Many years ago, marketers cottoned on to the idea of reducing prices by one or five cents. We are now driven mad with $9.95 or $9.99 type price tags – we know that nine registers rather than ten, and that ten dollars is often a price barrier (or multiples, ie, $20, $30, $100 etc). These are all bricks and mortar tactics that work, and that continue to work, even in an online world. Smart marketers are now applying these techniques to postage and packaging charges with great effect.

Traditional marketing works, even in an online environment.  Those traditional marketing tactics have earned their stripes the hard way, being put to the test each and every day. Proof of this may well be seen over time with Facebook’s new timeline, and the large image you can use. Get that image right, and it will be very similar to a roadside billboard, or businesses shopfront. It’s just a case of transferring that bricks and mortar mindset to an online world. Are you using traditional marketing for small business techniques?