co Thinking Of Starting A Small Business Blog? Stop Thinking And Do It! |

Blogging is old hat. Everyone blogs now so it’s no longer viable for my business. These are just some of the excuses that some business owners use when it comes to blogging. Unless you live on social media sites like Facebook, and publish reams of content day after day, a blog is still the single most effective way to communicate with both current and potential customers.

Starting a small business blog is easier – if you access to your domains web tools, for example, through Cpanel, then it only takes five minutes to install a blog. And today, WordPress is the easiest for most businesses. If you don’t have the time or confidence to do it yourself,  there are plenty of website design & development consultants who can do it for you – in fact, give us a call and we can arrange it for you.

When it comes to content, that too needn’t take very long. In the early stages, you probably have reams of content, either in paper format or on your main website. Break that down into 400-500 word posts (be sure to rewrite so it is unique), then publish.  If you are active on social media sites, then you can publish links to your content encouraging readers to visit.

So what is so good about a small business blog? To begin with, it does make a great communication tool. You can use a blog to publish announcements, promote the benefits of products, or to publish how to type articles related to your products. Blogs are also useful for providing links to your main website. If you can write a call-to-action statement within a blog post, you will be surprised with how many visitors follow those links. Submit your blog to a search engine, and over time, with the correct SEO techniques in place, your blog may also rank highly in search results.

You’re right, there are millions of active business blogs on the Internet. These blogs are active for one reason – they work. They help to deliver new customers to their websites, and they help to generate more income. As a side thought, if your website ranks highly, and your blog also ranks highly, that leaves less room for your competitors in those search results.