co Embedding Customer Reviews From Twitter Onto Your Blog Or Website |

Customer reviews can be pure gold if they are left on third party websites. Their downfall is that they are only available to readers of that third party site. Unless that website is Twitter. Twitter has become a great source when it comes to reviews and recommendations, and they don’t have to be wasted, you can make use of them.

If you have a website or blog, then you can embed individual Tweets into your pages. The code itself is easy to find – just go to the Tweet in questions page, click on embed, then insert the code into your pages. If that review has become a conversation, you can embed the whole conversation in much the same way. If you need any icing on the cake, your readers can join in the conversation, right there on your page.

What makes these reviews important is the fact they are independent. Reviews that are left on site are often viewed with a little skepticism by readers – I have even seen comments that suggest a positive review was left by the business owner, not a customer. Tweets are independent. You can see who left the review, and even follow them back to their own pages to check their bona-fides. Because they are independent, they are trustworthy.

When placed on your own website, visitors can see at a glance what others are saying about your products or services. You can also grab comments that have been made into topics that are relevant to your site or business. Embedding Twitter Tweets is one of those easy tasks that could potentially add to your business’s reputation.