co How To Write Blog Titles That Catch Social Media Attention |

A business blog doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, it shouldn’t be. To gain readers, you need content that satisfies their need, and the only way to catch their attention is by writing a great blog title. From experience, there are two ways to write blog titles, the hard way and easy way. The hard way is by trying to be 100% original whilst also trying to have a stand out title. Since humans have been writing for thousands of years, it nigh on impossible to do both, so don’t. That doesn’t mean you should use someone elses title word-for-word, however, you can copy formulas that work.

If you are looking to catch the attention of social media visitors, then you need to write titles that will hook into their needs and their emotions. The mistake that many writers make is to answer a need in the contents title. As an example, if you sell vacuum cleaners, you may be tempted to write a title such as “Five Energy Efficient Vacuum Cleaners”. The title sounds good, and it is answering a need, however, it is not necessarily going to hook into a readers emotions.

Rewrite that same title to something like “Are You Looking For An Energy Efficient Vacuum Cleaner?” and you are then creating a hook. In fact, a reader may not even be thinking about ‘energy efficient’, however that title will tweak that thought in the brain, and that means they will remember that title and be back.

By asking a question, you create the same response from a reader. Asking a question also gives you something to focus on when writing your content. If you answer that question in your content, the reader will go away satisfied, or perhaps even respond to any calls-to-action you may have included. Questions often stand out in social media – people can’t help but check out the possible answers. One further bonus, questions often mimic all or a big part of a users question in a search engine and that’s good for collecting long tail search queries.