co Are Small Business Blogs Still Relevant In Today's Market Place |

Whilst blogs and blogging has its detractors, there is no doubt that a small business blog can be a real benefit. Blogs can be an aid to both a search and social marketing campaign, however, it often helps to simplify things to gain a clearer picture. In their simplest state, blogs are communication tools. Tools that initially, appear to be only one way, however, over time, they can develop into two way communication tools.

So how can a blog help a small business? Consider some of the following points:

  • Easy to use – if you use blog software like WordPress, then it’s easy to learn the basics. This makes publishing content very easy since you are not requires to learn any special computer programming languages. Make chances to your main website is almost impossible without the right training.
  • Fast publication – if you need to publish something quickly, then the blog is the best place to start. You can throw something together in minutes and be published immediately. Spread the word through social media circles and you’ll quickly have readers (if your content is worth reading).
  • Increased awareness – a blog, especially one that has been optimized for both social and search marketing, can increase the awareness of your website and business. A website alone can take months, if not years, to surface in search results. A blog that has content regularly published can reduce that time quite markedly.
  • Just good business – you can compare a blog to a business that writes a regular column in a local newspaper. That publication increases the businesses credibility in the community at large, helps to drive new business, and can even be helpful when it comes to attracting quality employees.

A well written blog that publishes unique content can also attract the interest of other bloggers and business owners. This can help to develop networks that, over time, can be used to further build your credibility and your customer base. Blogs will remain as useful online tools for small businesses until the day arrives where users no longer want answers. Frankly, that’s never.