co Are You Wasting Facebook Business Opportunities? |

Like it or hate it, Facebook’s Timeline is here to stay, at least, until they decide to make another change. You can leave your page as it is, or you can make use of some of the new components, and some of them could be fairly handy. If you don’t make use of them, you could be wasting a good opportunity to promote your business.

Some of the new components that businesses need to be aware off include:

  • Popular content – you may need to be careful about the type of content you publish, and how you promote that content. Popular content will rise to the top, so the most popular content will sit at the very top. Popular is measure by way of comments and likes, so a negative review could sit at the top for everyone to see. Because it’s on top, it could generate new comments and likes, so keeping it on top. Ideally, you want positive content at the top in order to boost your businesses reputation – so heavily promote positive content.
  • Images are important – the Facebook Timeline is heavy on images. Your top banner should be 851 x 315 – that’s a decent sized image, and one that can be used to great effect. You will need to review the Facebook terms and conditions, since there are several things that are strictly forbidden, for example, prices or ‘buy now’ statements.You can also use images to effect
  • About Us – Your  ‘About Us’ content will sit just below your Timeline image. Make sure that content counts, however, keep it brief and too the point.
  • Pinning – A feature that many businesses could use to effect is ‘pinning’. You can pin a post to the top of your content and it will stay there for seven days (unless you remove it earlier). Like your top image and About Us section, this is one of the first areas that users see when they arrive on your Facebook page. Use it to your advantage and make a positive connection with your visitors.

Facebook Timelines are here to stay and they do have components that make branding and marketing a business much easier. Don’t waste your Facebook opportunities, put them to good use, especially since they only take minutes to set up.