co How LinkedIn Can Help A Small Business Survive And Grow |

Much is written about social media and how it can be used to market your business. In some cases, social media can be very effective, in others, not so effective. Sometimes, we are simply looking at social media in the wrong way. LinkedIn is a good example. A recent report suggested that Linked delivered more lead than Twitter, and in some niches, I am sure it does. I am sure I could generate more pizza sales through Twitter than I could through LinkedIn – it’s horses for courses. I did mention that at times we look at social media from the wrong angle. Rather than promoting our business or products, what about helping our businesses?

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the premier business-to-business social media website. That then should tell you something – can you use LinkedIn to help your business survive and grow? The answer is most definitely yes. LinkedIn is jam packed full of professionals from all walks of life. Need help fine tuning your SEO program? You’ll find someone on LinkedIn who could provide that help. More importantly, you can see what others think of their service.

Help for your business is not limited to professional assistance like SEO. You can often find better suppliers for the products you sell, or better yet, new products to diversify your business. LinkedIn can also be a great source for professional and semi-professional recruitment. In fact, LinkedIn has become the number one source for poaching experienced and well regarded employees.

Social media is important for marketing your business, and LinkedIn may work very well for you when it comes to driving lead. Don’t forget that LinkedIn has another side to it, it can also be a great resource.