co The Five Faces Of Social Media That Really Gel Together |

Social media marketing started as a real hit and miss affair. Over time it has slowly come together and social media experts can now really work the boards to drum up a lot of visitors. For small business owners, there are five faces of social media that can be made to work together to promote your business  – and they really are starting to gel into one complete marketing tool. What are those faces? Consider this approach to social media marketing:

  • YouTube – YouTube has grown from being a simple video hosting service to a social media site in its own right. People can follow those who publish videos that interest them. You can also brand and keyword target your videos making it easier for others to find you.
  • Twitter – while Twitter continues to have its knockers, it is a great tool for blasting out short messages. Product releases, specials, coupon codes or announcements – quick short messages that tell a story.
  • Pinterest – will Pinterest stay the distance is the biggest concern. However, if you target a female audience, and you can tell a story in pictures, then Pinterest is certainly worth looking at.
  • Facebook – where Twitter is for short messages, Facebook is for real discussions. If you look closely at some business pages, you will see discussions that involve hundreds of interactions, and they are real discussions.
  • Blog – the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. You can pull videos from YouTube, pull content from Twitter (or publish links to your posts), link images from your blog to Pinterest, and publish links to your posts on Facebook (with a short summary to attract interest).

Those five social media components now fit very well together. If you accept that each has specific role to play in your social media marketing efforts, they do start to gel together in a complete tool. Rather than using one or two and trying to squeeze everything possible from them, play it smart and use the best from each. You’ll find that social media marketing becomes a breeze, and for small business owners who find that time is limited, it really is the easiest approach.