co Are Bounce Rates An Important Statistic For Your Website? |

I came across an interesting statement recently and it has been fermenting in my mind ever since. The article on Search Engine Watch related to Pinterest and how to get the best from the new social media site. However, the contents in general were not what got me thinking. It was really one line near the end of the article, namely:

Gerencser said he doesn’t care about bounce rates all that much ………. “I’d rather have them come to the site and leave than never have come at all,”

Do you agree with that statement? In this particular case, there was a qualifier in that sales often occurred a month after a person first visited their site. If you think carefully, how many visitors actually buy from you the first time they visit? For most online businesses, it would be very few. It’s not until their second, third, or seventh, visit that they actually buy. Those who are ready to buy generally do so unless your price, product or service is very poor. If that’s the case, you will probably not have a high traffic flow anyway.

We can sometimes get caught up in terminology, especially when it comes to search engine optimization and social media marketing. Those two activities are all about getting people through your door. The more targeted that traffic, the more likely you are to seal a sale. However, traffic is traffic, and while they may not buy today, they may do so tomorrow. Are bounce rates really that important to your business, or do they tell a false story?