co Are You Really Visible To Your Target Market? |

One of the follies of many small businesses is to assume that organic search engine traffic derived through a strong SEO program is all that is required to succeed. For some businesses, a combination of paid and organic search traffic does produce the best results. However, these are not the only channels to deliver potential customers. If you are highly visible to your target market across the Internet, then that visibility could deliver far more traffic than paid and organic search.

People are fairly predictable. They are also creatures of habit. In the online world, talk to half a dozen people, and they will each have favorite sites for different niches, and in many cases, those sites will be different. Whilst habit is one of the keys, this must be backed up by good products and a good service. Those online habits are formed, often by recommendation from a friend, through research, or because one particular brand stands out. When a brand stands out, you know that visibility is not a problem. So how visible are you?

Promoting your brand is only a part of the process. I come across so many websites each day that fail to promote themselves, on their own pages. As soon as you scroll below the fold, the business name and logo are gone from view – I could be on any website. A good web programer can now write a website in which the header floats. This keeps your header in front of the reader at all times.

Social media is another channel that can be utilized to increase your visibility.  With the new Facebook Timeline, you can create your own Facebook header.  Generally speaking, wherever you are on the Internet at any given time, you have the potential to market your business and your brand. If you can increase your brand/businesses visibility, the long term results will almost always be positive.