co 4 Low Cost Online Marketing Strategies For 2012 |

If your business has an online presence then you are now in a very competitive market. Unlike traditional bricks and mortar businesses, an online presence has to compete with a much wider range of entities. You are not competing with just your business competitors – you are also competing with those looking to make a quick buck through Adsense or affiliate marketing sites, and mom and dad blogs that often attract good search placements and social media attention. The news is not all bad however, you can compete, and these four low cost online marketing strategies can help you to increase traffic, market awareness, and hopefully, profits.

  1. Networking – building a network can be a difficult task, yet there are ready made networks already out there, you just need to learn how to tap into them. There are very few niches where mom and dads are not influencers in some way. If you can find mom and dad blogs that have a lot of regular commentators, and who also participate regularly through social media, tap into them. Don’t overtly push your own business, rather, become one of the experts answering questions and participating in discussions. You’ll be surprised at how often those blog owners reach out to you – they will recognize your authority and try to tap into it, really, you’re taping into their network – and the only cost is time. Mom and dad bloggers are the hidden gem of the online world – used to effect, they can be powerful allies but take care, abused, they make even more powerful enemies, and their influence is very strong.
  2. Forums – forums are extension of the networking activity. Again, rather than pushing your business at people, become one of the experts helping others. If the forum allows, put a link to your website or blog that other forum users can follow. Forums are another activity that is free, apart from your time.
  3. Blog – blogs have had their positives and negatives over the years. Yes, there are a lot of blogs already on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean that yours is going to go unnoticed.  By building a network through other bloggers, forums, and social media, you can quickly build a loyal following. This will lead to an increase in business, especially if your readers recommend your products to others in their social circles. Blogs are inexpensive to set up, an don’t take up too much time.
  4. Social media – it goes without saying in today’s marketplace. You need to have a social media presence, and you need to be active. This may just involve submitting your blog posts, special deals, and responding to questions and comments by visitors. Social media is free to use, and it doesn’t have to take up too much time.

Those four strategies can be completed in an hour or less each day, yet the overall effect can be a significant increase in visitor numbers, and with it, an increase in sales. These four strategies can all be optimized for search as well – a double bonus.