co SEO For Ecommerce Websites |

Are eCommerce websites any different to a standard website or blog when it comes to SEO? You would think that a website was a website and that SEO is similar across the board. In essence, SEO is similar, however, different types of websites do need to concentrate on different areas of SEO. Ecommerce websites often include content that isn’t permanent, for example, product descriptions – these are often removed once the site discontinues that product.

If you sell a range of products through an online entity, then you do need to concentrate on certain SEO factors that could be critical to your business. These factors include:

  • Converting keywords – every online business has a list of keywords that convert into sales very well. You need to protect that list, and to constantly monitor those keywords in search results. Those keywords could be the one factor that is keeping your business alive, so they require a lot SEO activity to keep them ranking highly.
  • Duplicate content – perhaps not as big an issue as several years ago, duplicate content can still hurt a business. When creating content, particularly if you’re an on-seller, don’t fall in to the trap of publishing the manufacturers descriptions. Create your own descriptions, optimized for your keywords (and long tail versions as well).
  • URL issues – following on from duplicate content is the perception of duplicate content. This is caused by having more than one url for the same document, this is very common with product descriptions. Keep a watch on url issues, especially if you point to your product descriptions from several places on your website. The use of robots.txt files can help, for example, can prevent search engines from spidering group data such your archives.
  • Be social – they say that 50% of online shoppers are logged into Facebook whilst shopping. If that’s the case, then the inclusion of social media connect buttons makes sense. If a customer has enjoyed the shopping experience, or better yet, found a good product at a good price, then you want them sharing that information with their friends – put those buttons on to take advantage. Be warned, customers are twice as likely to complain online if they have been disrupted.

Concentrate on those aspects of your eCommerce website, and you should find that your business steadily grows. Let those SEO areas go, and you’ll find that, over time, your customer base will diminish, and with it, your business.