co Using The Facebook Timeline To Boost Your Brand |

Come March 30, the Facebook Timeline rollout will be complete with all business pages also sporting the new look. There are positives and negatives to come out of this change. One of the big negatives is the loss of the ability to set an app on the front page. While this may reduce the number of people being added to emailing lists, it can also be seen as a positive – many users resented the appearance of apps when visiting, especially first timers – they wanted to get to know your business before being confronted.

On the plus side, the Facebook Timeline will allow businesses to control their own home page images. A well designed header image complete with logo should be a real boost for many businesses. If you are a small business that uses Facebook to connect with consumers, and you don’t have a recognizable logo – get one. Logo’s are not expensive to create, yet they become an instantly recognizable part of your business no matter where you are on the Internet. Once created, a logo can be used on your own website, in advertizing, on Twitter, and now on Facebook.

This will make Facebook an important part of any social media branding campaign, especially if you can collect a lot of followers. The new Timeline should also help to keep visitors on your pages, reading more of your content and your interaction with other visitors. The longer visitors stay on your pages, the more exposure they receive to your branding. More importantly, if visitors are actually reading your content, it may encourage more of them to click through to your website. An increase in traffic always has the potential to increase your businesses turnover.

You don’t have to do anything to your Facebook – come March 30, it will automatically change to the new Timeline. However, you don’t have to wait, and you do it now and by doing it now, you have complete control over the look of your Facebook Timeline page. It will help you brand your business, and it may even help you grow your business.