co Bringing Authority To Small Business Blog |

Small business owners often have access to a large group of people who could be considered ‘authorities’ in their niche. Every supplier that deals with their business has some authority, and small business owners can make use of that authority to increase their own authority, and the authority of their business blog. The process is very simple too.

Consumers have a huge thirst for information, and there are two groups that really draw their attention – customers who have already purchased a product, and the brains behind the product. The brains behind a product is part of the manufacturing process, and in most cases, manufacturers are happy to talk about their products, if you use the right approach. From a business blog perspective, and short but meaningful interview with the ‘brains’ behind a product carries a lot of weight.

Will a manufacturer take the time to sit through an interview? Not always, although you can try. A manufacturer will generally respond to a an interview in the form of a questionnaire.  They are able to complete the questionnaire at their leisure, often providing more indepth answers compared to an in-person interview. From the manufacturers perspective, they building brand awareness, promoting their product, and helping an onseller increase sales – all good news for the manufacturer.

Ideally, an in-person interview, preferably on video, brings authenticity to your site. If customers (and potential customers) can see that the manufacturer has found you important enough to sit through an interview, then you must be important as well – and that will rise your authority considerably. An interview, or series of interviews, makes great copy. It’s easy to put a post together that covers an interview, and can help to provide content on those days when the brain cells don’t want to cooperate.

If you look around at some of the top websites in the search rankings, you will see that many of them use interviews on a regular basis. It’s good for their business, good for supplier, and helps to deliver information direct from the source – all positives, and if handled and well marketed, can create a significant increase in traffic to your website. Have you interviewed anyone lately?