co SEO Basics For Small Business Owners - The Title Tag |

Sometimes it’s the little things on a web page that make all the difference. Often, it’s not what the user sees that makes the difference, it’s what the search engines see and interprets. Kristine Schachinger on Search Engine Watch considers the title tag to be the single most important element on a web page. From a users perspective, the title tag is the text that may appear at the top of their browser, and generally appears as the link in search results. When it comes to SEO for small business, how much do you know about title tags?

Kristine’s post makes for interesting reading if you are not sure about the title tag. Some of the points she makes include:

  • not using a sentence structure for the title (leave that for the description)
  • using pipes | to separate keywords rather than commas or dashes
  • placing your keywords left to right in order of importance
  • keeping your title to less than 70 characters (that includes spaces)
  • ensuring every page has a unique title tag
  • the title tag is relevant to the page

The title tag has to be relevant to the pages content, and shouldn’t be keyword stuffed. Because it may form the link in search results, you want it to appeal to the reader – engage them and encourage them to click through to your web site. While that may sound difficult, there are some important points to note when it comes to people using a search engine.

Your page has appeared in the search results because it is relevant to the users search term. They should immediately relate to that search term through both the title and the description that appears below the search result link. Placing your keywords first should help to attract the searcher to your sites search listing – your description then should invite the click through.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a huge difference. You work hard to create content, develop inbound links, and perhaps social media attention. Your hard work may pay off with a front page (or better yet, top three) listing in the search results. Will your title tag let the team down? Kristine is right, at that point, the title tag is the most important element on the page.