co Is Your Website Prepared For Mobile Traffic? |

One of the biggest changes in Internet use over the last two years has been the traffic coming from mobile users. It was interesting to read statistics this week related to the income of Microsoft and Apple over the past 12 months. What really stood out was the sale of iPhones – they alone accounted for over half of Apple’s income, with the total surpassing Microsoft’s income from all sources for that same period. And that was just Apple iPhones, you can probably triple those numbers for all mobile devices sold during the same period.

David Moth has published an interesting infographic on Econsultancy related to mobile statistics for 2011 (a good example of How Infographics Can Help Improve Your Social Media Appeal). Did you know that mobile traffic traffic increased substantially after 5pm. Mobile usage peaks around 8pm while desktop computing peaks around 6pm. What is particularly interesting about that statistic is the peaks themselves – mobile outstrips desktop use by around 20% Monday – Friday, about the same on Saturday, and slightly more on a Sunday. It seems that once people finish work, they turn to their desktops, probably to catch up on news, then turn to their mobile devices to stay connected.

The other stats on the infograpic relate to advertising banners and their click rates. Is this data useful for small businesses with an online presence? It should be. It suggests that mobile traffic is increasing rapidly. If you have a good analytics package you should be able to see how much traffic is coming from mobile (including the operating system used). If that number is high, and I have seen some websites with over 50% of the traffic coming from mobile, then it may be time to seriously consider a mobile versions of your website.

If you website was created by a website design & development team, then talk to them about a mobile version, or at least making your website mobile friendly. If you have a blog and use WordPress or Drupal for example, install plugins or modules that will make your blog easily accessible from mobile devices. You may find that your conversion rates increase substantially – mobile is definitely the future of computing.