co Three Good Reasons To Include A Bio In Your Content |

If you look around the Internet, particularly on blogs, you’ll notice that some articles have bios in their footers. In most cases, the articles themselves are guest posts, and the bio is the ‘reward’ the author gets for writing the article. Reward? One of the major reasons for writing a guest post is to receive a link back to your website and links have been regarded as gold in the past. There are, however,  many sites that are now including small bios in the footer of their own content, particularly if they have multiple authors.

Should you include bios in the footer of your posts? If you have multiple authors, then it could be a good idea. If you employ several people in your business, then it may also be a good idea to have them write content for your website.  Who better to write about the technical side of a product than a technician, what about your company’s customer service – someone who  handles customer service? So what purpose does a bio serve? I can think of three very good reasons to include a bio.

  • Personalize – a bio helps to personalize the content. The reader knows they are looking at content that has been published by a particular person, someone they can put a name to, even if it’s only a first name. You can link the bio to a profile page, contact page, or a social media page. Personalizing also leads to
  • Credibility – if your bio (or profile page) includes qualifications/training/skills in a particular area, then the reader is going to put more credence on the information they are reading. Credibility is also affected by
  • Ownership – your employees (writers) are going to take ownership of content that has their name attached. People are more likely to produce quality material if they know they are going to be acknowledged for that material.

Bio’s are not for every website, however, even single author website gain some benefits. Placing a bio on a particularly good page of content, and linking to your Google+ profile, or a social media page, can add credibility to you. Credibility is one of the first stepping stones to trust, and trust often leads to sales.