co How Infographics Can Help Improve Your Social Media Appeal |

Are you using infographics on your website? Infographics are those images you often come across that tell a story. They can be as simple as pie charts or bar graphs, or as complex as product process from raw material to finished goods. Graphics in general have a lot of appeal. Infographics go that one step further – they deliver information in an image format. So how do they improve your social media appeal?

Images are amongst the most shared content on the Internet, especially through social media websites like Facebook and StumbleUpon. Pinterest is the latest social media sharing site, and that too has a heavy leaning towards images. In fact, users will even tweet images they like, and that’s the top four social media sites covered.

Whilst images are popular, infographics are even more popular. Are infographics hard to create? Simple images like pie charts or bar graphs are very easy. You can create them using any popular spreadsheet, then either save them directly or copy and paste them into any graphics program; even the most basic Paint – I would recommend using a better graphics program, one that made it easy to add additional text. If you use Windows, you can often just right click on a graph (in a spreadsheet), then select Save Image as from the drop down menu.

More complex infographics will need more complex software. With the right software, you can import small images, add text, arrows and background color to produce a top quality infographic. The more appealing it is to the eye, the more popular it will be. Just be sure the infographic tells a story and the story is relevant to your website. As an added bonus, search engines, particularly Google, seem to love infographics. They will often appear in search results quite close to the top.

If you’re not using infographics, you could be missing out on the opportunity to promote your business across social media websites. A good infographic shouldn’t need supporting text around it, however, when publishing an infographic, it helps to include that supporting to text in case readers can’t quite grasp the concepts – especially if you are only using data graphs.