co Building Partnerships To Help Grow Your Online Business |

There are tens of thousands of small business owners who are fantastic at what they do. The problem is, they are terrible when it comes to running a business. Take a tradesperson as a an example. They could be the very best in their trade, yet they go bankrupt everytime they try to work for themselves. Are they doomed to working for someone else for the rest of their life? Not necessarily, especially if they are willing to build partnerships.

The same problem existed before the Internet. Smart professionals quickly learned to build those partnerships. If we take the tradesperson as an example, they could buy into a franchise (which offered training and support for the ‘business’ side of their business), partnered with accountants and bookkeepers for financial advice, and perhaps even partnered with marketing professionals. In some cases, these partnerships were formalized – a tradesperson partnering with a business manager – there are several highly successful franchise chains that grew from such partnerships. Most partnerships were informal, however, they were very personal with players on first name terms, and contact made on an ad-hoc when required basis. If there were changes in the law, the accountant would call with advice, if there was a marketing opportunity, your marketing expert would call.

You can achieve the same with an online business. You don’t need to create a formal business partnership, however, your online strategy can (in some cases should)  form informal partnerships with those in a position to help you build an online business. Website design, content production, SEO and online small business marketing are several areas where an informal partnership opportunity exists.

How do these partnerships work? Rather than just hiring a website designer (for example), you work with them making them a part of your team. They get an insight into your business and develop a rapport with both you and your business. They, in return, have a product they can happily display in their portfolio, and you are happy to have their logo and name prominently displayed on for the world to see. You get a great website, they get a great promotional tool. The same can be said for content, SEO and online marketing.

If you have a great business idea, but no idea how to start and run your business, that’s when you look for a formal partner. To be successful, you often need help from successful people – don’t be afraid to build partnerships, everyone benefits when you do.