co Are You Using A Call To Action To Boost Social Media Followers? |

If you’re in business and you have an website, then I hope you’re familiar with call to action components. If not, then you’re missing a huge business opportunity. Call to action components can be anything from a well written text link to a button or graphic. They are often the key components of a page when it comes to generating sales.

The same principle can be used to build social media follows. One of the most popular is the ‘like us on Facebook to receive an X% discount’ call to action. A second call to action features a pop-up asking you to share with your friends – sometimes even asking for a friends (or several) email address. Some businesses even offer a reward for referring to friends. Are these viable options for your business?

Not necessarily. Having a million followers does not always equate to higher sales. Much will depend on your business’s niche, and the motive behind those who are following you. If they are following because there was a reward available at the time, that doesn’t always mean they will return. This is especially true if your prices are more expensive than your competitors.

If your business is competitive, and you are offering a good product and a good service (in the eyes of your customers, not your own), then their is logic in the philosophy that more followers equals more business. In that situation, having a call to action that encourages visitors to ‘like’ you for example, is not just a good idea, it’s almost a must do. Are you using a call to action to boost social media followers?