co Is Podcasting Yesterdays Technology? |

In an era in which video, smart video, and social media dominates marketing discussions, it seems that podcasts have become the forgotten friend of business professionals. Are podcasts still relevant, or is it yesterdays technology and it’s now time to move on? Demand is always going to be an important factor when using technology like video and audio. The podcast that’s nothing more than a sales blurb has never been popular, however, I do think the demand is there for audio that is of value to a listener.

The best material for podcasting on a website revolves around the sharing of information. Interviews, recordings of public speaking engagements and lectures all make for a good podcast. Recording a podcast and making it available for downloading is only the first step. Promoting your podcast is also important, and social media is generally the best tool for spreading the word.

I wouldn’t, however, stop at promoting the content of your podcast. People often need to be reminded about the technology – for example, being able to download to a suitable player and played back while commuting. After all, most people seem to spend at least 30 minutes commuting each way.

Small business podcasts are still a valuable tool for many businesses. Whilst video and social media marketing have become the main channel for marketing, if you have content that would make a good podcast, don’t be shy in adding it to your website. You may not convert that podcast to a sale, but it can be a great resource for developing your brand, and most importantly, building your reputation as an expert in your field – and that’s invaluable in today’s online world.