co Is Smart Video Part Of Future Marketing Strategy? |

Remember the days of old when you’d receive a letter in the mail (snail mail), personally addressed to you, and actually talking to you – referring to you by name. In fact, it’s still in use today, through email. I regularly get emails addressed “Hello Caroline, we noticed you were interested in XYZ in the past so we thought you may also be interested in….???”. I am sure you receive emails like this yourself. Imagine having videos that were personalized in much the same way. You can, and I suggest you look out for them as they are said to be the next big thing in marketing – smart videos.

Two questions then – what are smart videos, and are they right for your business. Another term being touted is personalized videos, since that is exactly what they are – videos, often created on the fly, that are personalized for the recipient. You can use them at any point on your website, targeting the video to help the visitor (customer/buyer) through the process. They can also be used for after sales follow up marketing and have proven to be very successful as follow up marketing tools for shoppers who have abandoned the shopping cart at some point during the process.

Are they right for your business? Videos in general are great marketing tools. Almost every business niche benefits from videos and they do generate sales. Early reports suggest that smart videos can increase sales. Abandoned shopping cart remarketing is reported to have a 200% increase in the number of completions compared to any other form of marketing. That in itself is reason enough to look further into this technology.

As with all forms of marketing, the telling factor will be cost and your return on that cost. If you can dramatically increase turnover, then the cost will be well worth the effort. The process is not expensive, in fact, it’s almost all software driven with one component pulling in data relevant to the customer and another producing the actual video, in seconds. Compared to the cost of putting together a professional one-off video, the process will pay for itself fairly quickly over-time. We’re impressed with the concept – it’s the detail that will need a closer look.