co Is Pinterest Just Another Fad? |

Everywhere I look I see stories about a site called Pinterest. We discussed this site several weeks ago in a post titled Pinterest – A Social Media Site Worth Consideration. Since then, everyone seems to have an opinion about the site, and they all appear to be positive. One wonders how a site that is still in beta and is invitation only could generate such interest; that in itself should have marketers sitting up and taking notice. Of course, Pinterest could be just another fad that will rise quickly and fall just as quickly.

There is something about Pinterest that does capture the eye. It could be the ease of use, or perhaps its central philosophy – we all love lists, and Pinterest is really based on that list philosophy, the only difference being that these lists are generally image and video related. There are some notable differences between Pinterest and many other sites. To begin with, it’s already monetized. Don’t be surprised to see some of your content bearing links – that’s how they make their money. Fortunately, it’s not overdone.

Another area that marketers will like is that you can add prices – in effect, using content to advertize what you are selling, price and all. The site is not setup up to be a marketer’s paradise, but with the right approach, it could be very effective. There are reports that Pinterest is delivering more traffic than Twitter and Google+ combined – and I repeat, it’s still in beta.

With all the talk centering around this site, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Pinterest open up completely fairly soon. The owners will most likely want to capitalize on free publicity that is currently being generated – it’s priceless, and with so many reviews positive, it is bound to rival Twitter in terms of user numbers very quickly. If you can get an invite, grab one, and start setting up your pin boards now. You have little to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain when it comes to marketing your small business.