co Six Quick And Easy Branding Tips |

Is it important to brand a small business? You bet it is, and it isn’t as hard as many people imagine. Wesley LeFebvre has an interesting article on Small Business UK that discusses why and how you should brand your business. Of particular interest is the how, and he talks about five cheap ways to brand your business. His suggestions include:

  • Getting a branded logo,
  • Customizing your subscribe box,
  • Linking your social media profiles,
  • Adding an “About Us” page, and
  • Including a personal photo

I’d like to add one more – being seen with your brand or logo. This can be in blog comments, writing guest posts, being active on forums related to your niche, and the obvious social media realms such as Facebook and Twitter. With the latter, it’s important to be seen away from your own pages. This can include commenting on other people’s pages, retweeting tweets that are of interest, and being involved in conversations.

I titled this ‘quick and easy’ branding tips, and I know many would question the ‘quick’ component of being seen with your brand or logo. It can be quick – you don’t have to spend hours engaged in social commentary; you can achieve a lot in ten or fifteen minutes each day.

Wesley LeFebvre makes an important point about branding. While it is good for your business to have an image (brand) that is recognizable, it also makes good SEO sense in today’s environment. This is where linking social media profiles, for example, stands out as in important point. If you haven’t taken the time to brand your site, perhaps it’s time you did. Follow those points and you’ll have made a great start.