co How To Get The Most Out Of A Video Marketing Campaign |

Humans in general are very visual. We would much prefer an image, or better yet, a series of moving images in the form of a video, to the written word. However, while videos are a great marketing tool, they can also become a business’s worst enemy. A video for the sake of a video is not a good idea. You need well planned videos that are there to serve a purpose, a purpose that visitors will appreciate.

So what makes a good video? Content is important, and for every niche, there will be a different type of content that is successful. Sometimes it’s humor, sometimes it’s instructional – most importantly, it’s entertaining. So where do most business owners go wrong when it comes to small business marketing videos?

  • Time – no one wants to sit through twenty minutes of hype
  • Presentation – give readers the option to view the video. Too many websites use autorun video software on their websites – don’t, there’s nothing more annoying than autostarting video and audio recordings on a webpage.
  • Entertainment – how entertaining is your video? Show it to family and friends first. If they like it, then you may be in luck
  • Force – don’t force a video down other people throats. Use social media to share the video, but don’t push it.

If they are the drawbacks, then the best way to get the most out of a video marketing campaign is by reducing them. Publish short entertaining videos that pass a real message on to your readers. Encourage them to do the sharing, it will reduce your workload and appear more natural to others. Videos do work – you just need the right formula.