co Social Media Sharing - For Fun Or Profit? |

There are several ways to measure a successful social media campaign. For some, it’s the number of followers they have and the interaction that occurs between themselves and followers. For others, the main focus is on having content shared as far and wide as possible. There are others who would claim that success can only be measured if both are achieved. Gaining followers is not that difficult, although the quality of follower may not be great. Having content shared is a lot harder and most website owners struggle to achieve more than a handful of shares.

One of the keys to having content shared is the knowledge of what others want to read, and what spurs them to sharing. There are some tactics that will see your content shared more often, although again, the quality of those shares may not be great. Images, particularly funny or silly images, always get passed around. The same can be said for videos; again, those that are funny will often see more shares than bland or dry videos.

As a business owner, care needs to be taken with this type of content. Sure, it will get shared a lot, but will it be associated with your business or brand? That is often the mistake that individuals make. A photo or image gets shared around a lot, but ask someone who shared it where the image came from and they probably won’t know. Concentrating on a lot of shared material is a mistake. What you need to work is on is material that will be shared while also spreading your message  – in other words, content that is shared and easily connected to your business.

That’s all easier said than done. It is possible that there are a lot of brands that have achieved success, often by poking fun at their own brand. While doing so, they are promoting their brand. When looking to increase social media sharing of your content, make sure you are doing so for the right reasons. It is your brand or business that you are trying to promote – not the next door neighbor’s child or cat!