co Cell Phones And Social Media - The Big Mover For 2012? |

There is one trend in society that smart marketers are starting to use to their advantage. That trend? The prominent use of cell phone cameras.

The camera in a cell phone today is far superior to some of the best digital cameras of five years ago. The use of these cameras is so dominant that, on most days, there’s a news story on one of the TV networks that includes a story with pictures provided by a local using their cell phone. In fact, you can often see video footage of an event that was taken via cell phone. So how are marketers using this to advantage?

High end fashion brand Marc Jacobs recently asked followers to share their favorite family moments by using pictures taken through a cell phone. They then featured those photos through a collage on their website for all to see. General Electric went a step further with a contest that involved photos uploaded to Instagram, then shared to Facebook for voting.  That was a novel way to connect two social media platforms for marketing purposes.

Instagram has proven to be a popular photo sharing website, and the use of cell phones whereby users can take a snapshot then instantly upload that shot from their phone to Instagram is proving to be a hit. One popular coffee outlet regularly publishes photos of customers (with their permission of course) sitting down and enjoying a cup of their favourite brew.

Photos and the instant sharing of photos may well be one of the major activities by users over the next twelve months. Smart marketers may be able to take advantage of this increased activity by incorporating the photos taken by customers into their various online activities. People love to show off, so if you advertise a campaign that encourages those traits, you may be able to build and further develop your brand.