co Fraud The Biggest Threat To Any Small Business In 2012 |

What’s the biggest threat to many small businesses in 2012? Most small business owners would probably point at their competitors. Others may point to the changes made to search algorithms and the effect it may have on their search rankings. Whilst these are threats that need to be dealt with, the biggest threat could come from hackers.

There has been a gradual shift in fraudulent activity in recent years with hackers slowly switching their focus away from big businesses and on to small businesses. Big business has the time, money and resources to guard against any hack attempts on their data. Small business has neither the time nor money, and in many cases, the know-how, to protect their data. This makes them easy targets for hackers looking for the personal details of customers, particularly credit card data.

Data protection is an area that small businesses will need to deal with in 2012. Any breaches could leave a business wide open to legal proceedings from customers, and we are talking about group claims here, not just one off claims. Protection of data needn’t be a costly exercise. You do need a very secure website, particularly when it comes to securing your data. This will be one area where the cost of protection for your site could outweigh the risks associated with an unprotected website.

A professional website development team can help to ensure your website is safe from hacking. The cost would be minute compared to the cost of a successful group law suit against either yourself or your business.  Is your data safe? Could someone hack your website and then proceed to download all the personal details of your customers. If you’re not full protected, talk to a professional webstite development team.