co Does Your Website Fit The Natural Criteria? |

The art of SEO for small business has changed considerably in recent years. Google has certainly changed the way small businesses develop their websites – at least, it should have. In most cases, business owners have stuck to their traditional approach, then moaned a little when a Google update has resulted in a drop in their site’s search results placement.

Whether we like it or not, if we rely on traffic from Google, then we need to play by their rules. Yet those rules are really fairly simple – provide quality content that has been created for your visitors. The term “natural” is bandied around a lot today, yet that is really the best approach to designing a website.

What then is meant by the term “natural”. You can look at this term in two ways – what you publish on your website and what other people publish on their website. Your website should be user-focused.  Links are a good example. Your internal link structure should be “natural” in that keywords used to create links are a natural part of the document and the link is a natural flow – in other words, if you have a page that discusses horses, you don’t have internal links to chickens unless there is a natural link. At the same time, your content should contain links to external sites that are, once again, “natural”.

You can then extend this philosophy to your external link building campaigns. Links are still important, although they will, over time, become less important. If you are building external links to your webpages, keep those links “natural”. Those links should be designed to add value to a reader rather than annoy, or look totally out of place.

Does “natural” mean you ignore other SEO for small business strategies? Certainly not. You can still develop keywords while remaining natural. You can still optimize images and videos, and you can still create page titles that are search engine friendly. In the first instance, focus on your visitors, then focus on search engines while not undermining a users experience. It’s a bit of juggling act, however, it’s still achievable, and you are satisfying three masters – the user, the search engine, and your business.