co Are You Overdoing Your Social Media Marketing? |

If you read some web gurus, there’s no such thing as too much social media marketing. If you’re running a business, then you should be in a position to know better. When promoting your business, it should be on the back of a plan that has goals, and some way to measure the results. I see ‘gurus’ insisting that every online business should be active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and, in some instances, specialist social media sites such as LinkedIn. Add in a blog and you have a fairly active social media approach.

The problem for many small businesses is time; in particular, dedicating enough time to manage each of those social media activities. While there are benefits to having a broad approach to social media marketing, you do need to concentrate on areas that are successful. For example, if you can garner a decent following on Facebook or Twitter, and that following converts to sales, then your efforts are being rewarded.

If you are spending a lot of time on social media marketing, without seeing any marked increase in sales, then you should be reappraising your strategies. Are you interacting on these sites in a way that will develop relationships and so increase sales, or are you simply regurgitating your website data? This is a mistake that is often found on Twitter – the most successful businesses using Twitter are those that use the site to announce special deals or discounts.

Blogs are slightly different. They can become the link between your social media marketing and your primary website. Blogs also have a huge SEO value if organic search traffic is an important source of traffic to your website. However, even a blog requires planning. You need to develop keywords that you can target, and you need to develop content that readers will find useful whilst at the same time encouraging them to click through to your primary website.

Like most areas of your business, planning, goal setting, measuring and analyzing is an important component of social media marketing. Done correctly, you can focus on areas that are successful and helping you build your business. In many cases, small businesses can benefit from the advice of a small business marketing expert. They can help guide them through the creation of a viable social media plan designed to help build the business’s presence, develop new customers, and, ultimately, help grow the business.