co Social Media and Email Campaigns Help Boost Holiday Sales |

Although the holidays are fast approaching, now is the best time to pull last minute customers in the door. Even if it’s after Christmas sales, small business owners will want to pull out all the stops for the end of the year. That means now is a perfect time to blitz all the social media sites you use and to use email campaigns.

End the year on a positive note by using social media sites to list all the last minute sales you may have. Even the clearance items you may have for the after Christmas sales. Most shoppers will still spend quite a bit just to get the big clearance sales after Christmas.

Now is also a great time to do an email campaign. Send everyone on your customer list along with new ones an end of the year sale. Email campaigns and social media sites are two of the easiest ways a small business owner can get customers in the door. Word of mouth on the social media sites along with the emails can drive traffic to your business so that your end of the year stats will be much better than expected.

Just because the holidays are so close does not mean that shoppers are not watching for every sale and bargain they can find. And, that includes watching emails and reading the ads on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Even the small statuses that you can post will help as one friend will tell another friend about the great deals at your store.

Give it a try this season. You will be surprised at how easy it is and you will start using this type of marketing more often.