co Add a Local Element to Your SEO Links |

As I’ve written before, having a successful SEO strategy involves a number of elements, with getting your content out there being foremost among them. But having links is still an important part of the larger strategy. Recently, I’ve written about the importance of making your links diversified and able to fit naturally into a body of text. I’d like to now try to complement that advice with another important link consideration: locality.

A successful inbound link is one that can appropriately mirror a potential consumer’s internet search. If your business sells replacement tires, for example, the keyword “replacement tires” may appropriately boost your page rank with your target consumer. The consumer will, theoretically, go online, search Google for the keyword, and then click on a website with one of the highest page ranks for search results.

But consumers treat Google searches as a modern form of white pages: not only do they seek out a product, such as replacement tires, but they want to find that product somewhere near their home. Someone who lives on the East Coast would have no interest in a tire company located in California, no matter how applicable that company may be to their search or how high it may appear on Google’s results.

As a consequence of this, many Google users will try to track down a business by entering a desired product and then a local area. They may search, for example, for “replacement tires Chicago” or “replacement tires 60614.” These searches are far more beneficial to the potential consumer. Not only can they narrow on a business, but they can find one that operates in their area.

A business that is looking to boost their SEO through inbound links should keep this in mind. If you operate in a local area, making that area part of your keyword can improve your page rank while saving you money. After all, most people click on one of the first few results when performing a Google search. To move up the list and have a page rank that high for the search “replacement tires” is quite a tall order. For most companies, it would probably require a tremendous amount of time and money. But being one of the top results for “replacement tires Pittsburgh” is probably more attainable. And – most importantly – it can ultimately bring you more business.