co The Cynical Side Of SEO |

Ask Aaron Wall who’s taking over the Web and it seems as if he is saying it’s Wal-Mart. He makes some good points in this post, but there was one paragraph that really stood out.

In the meantime, I expect Google to keep increasing search complexity such that it’s prohibitively expensive to make & market a small independent commercial website. That will force many smaller companies to live inside the Google ecosystem, with Google ranking the Google-hosted pages/products/locations for those companies, so that they can serve ads against them and get a bigger slice of the revenues.

If you ask me, I think that’s pretty cynical. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, or that it won’t happen. It’s just cynical.

In Aaron Wall’s world, big companies win because Google let them win. Then small companies have no recourse but to use Google-hosted sites so that Google can monetize them with ads. But as a small business marketing consultant, I’d never encourage you to serve up someone else’s ads on your own website.

When you consider the low cost of web hosting, domain purchases, and do-it-yourself marketing, I can’t see any time when it will be cost prohibitive to own your own standalone website with your domain name hosted outside of the Google ecosystem.

Maybe I’m naive. What are your thoughts?