co Welcome To Cyber Monday |

Today is the biggest online shopping day of the year. Or is it?

According to Mark W. Smith of Detroit Free Press, it’s all a sham. You’ve been had. Just as Hallmark created days for greeting card sales, the candy makers created days to make more candy sales, and the Easter Bunny is in cahoots with Santa Claus and the credit card companies to keep you busy twice a year. We all love a good conspiracy theory.

Who knows? Maybe it’s true. Maybe today isn’t the biggest shopping day of the year. Or maybe if it is it’s because the e-tailers have convinced you to pull out your credit card on this day.

Even if it is true, I still believe this will be a record-breaking year. Today will likely pass all records for single-day sales online. And this Christmas season is poised to become the highest sales season online in history. Not because online retailers have conspired against you, but because consumers have become more comfortable buying online. OK, and partly because online retailers want your money.

If you have to establish an Internet presence, or if you have and Internet presence but haven’t taken advantage of your online promotional opportunities, don’t you think it’s time to get your piece of the online shopping pie?