co Today A Search Tool Dies |

Yahoo! has announced that today spells the death of a search tool that has been with us since 2005. That was when Yahoo! actually tried to be a search engine.

Yahoo! Site Explorer is no more.

Yahoo! Site Explorer is a tool that many webmasters used to see who was linking to them, and who was linking to their competition. For years, every webmaster who wanted real live link metrics used it. Even those search marketers who gloried in the death of Yahoo! at one time sang the praises of Yahoo! Site Explorer. It was the best free link popularity tool on the Web for the longest time.

But now it’s dead.

What this means to webmasters is that we will be relegated to using paid-for-services for the best and most accurate link data. Yes, you can use Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools, but neither one of them shares the same information on links that Yahoo! Site Explorer was known for. If you want that data today, you’ll have to pay for it.

That might make the information sellers happy, but even Rand Fishkin, whose MozRank is very popular, is singing a dirge for the death of Yahoo! Site Explorer.

R.I.P. Yahoo! Site Explorer.